Awareness raising on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in the Energy Sector for the local citizens communities:

Train the Trainer (Geteborg, Sweden) 2013

Train the Trainer seminar was been held in the Konsument Goteborg and Centre for Consumer Science. In Sweden, the main responsibility for consumer dispute settlement is with independent complaint boards (Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Train the Trainer (Copenhagen, Denmark) 2013

Train the Trainer seminar was been held in the Danish Ecological Council and in the Danish Energy Council. In Denmark, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms in energy, including electricity, is handled by a private Complaint Board, approved by the Minister responsible for consumer affairs.

(Copenhagen, Denmark) 2013

Train the Trainer (Rome, Italy) 2013

The mediation in the energy sector (electricity and gas) for the resolution of disputes between energy companies and consumers has been introduced in Italy following the protocols signed between companies and consumers associations after the liberalization of retail sales in 2007.

(Rome, Italy) 2013

Promoting vulnerable consumers knowledge and information of Energy Efficiency:

Team Leader Training Tartu (ESTONIA) 2011

In Estonia the team leaders was received at combi-station Tartu Fortum which is one of the biggest enterprises in the Tartu municipality. Producing heat energy, mediating, selling and purchasing heat and electricity, producing and supplying local fuels. Also Waste Water Sediment Treatment Complex, the department of Tartu Veevärk (the second largest water supplier in Estonia) was been visited during the team leader visit in Tartu municipality.

From the organic part of the waste water sediment will produced mostly methan consisting biogas

District Heating Estonia

Waste Water Sediment Treatment

Tartu Team Leader Training video

Team Leader Training Goteborg (SWEDEN) 2011

In Sweden the team leaders was received at Gothenburg's Ecocentrum, Alingsås town municipality, to visit Passivhuscentrum, to meet the Alingsås Firends of the Earth group, visit to the Brogården (a set of passive houses) and local district heating plant and a company Alingsås Energi etc.

At Ecocentrum team leaders visited a exhibition of environmentally friendly solutions, where team leaders saw many examples of energy saving technologies

District Heating Sweden


Passive Houses

Use of Biogas

Wast Managment